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Testimonial Rodney Josué Fonseca Guevara

During the time I spent in the Laboratory of Nematology for my thesis research I have really met the main objectives I set myself from the beginning. I gained a lot of knowledge and some experience in the study field I am interested in.

I have found really kind people always disposed to help me and give support to my work
Rodney Josué Fonseca Guevara

May 2014

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At the same time I complemented and strengthened many theoretical and practical concepts I learned during my courses. I feel satisfied with the motivating atmosphere and pleasant time I met during the six months I spent in this chair goup. I have found really kind people always disposed to help me and give support to my work, and that’s something I am deeply grateful for. I never had complaints for the environment I met in the laboratories. The facilities I have been provided with were always sufficient to perform optimal work during my daily routine. It has been nice to feel the trust you receive from your colleagues which allows you to work pleasantly in an independent way when it was necessary. Another remarkable point for me was the interaction I was able to have with the other members of the chair group, especially in the weekly group meetings. In this way you were not only learning about your project, but about other related topics, and you receive very useful feedback and comments during the progress of your work. In conclusion, I am really grateful for the opportunity I was given in Nematology and I would highly encourage other students to consider doing their research in this chair group.