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Testimonial Sanne Put

The project I was working on during my bachelor thesis investigated the effect of a gene knock out and overexpression of a nematode effector protein in Arabidopsis thaliana on the infection by the nematode Meloidogyne incognita. Ava previously found different genes and effector proteins that were influencing the infection capacity of the nematodes. My bachelor thesis was about one of these genes and one of these effector proteins.

...very friendly environment to learn...
Sanne Put

This was my first thesis, which was difficult at the start, since I did not exactly know what was expected from me. Quite fast I understood how I had to write my proposal and define my experiments. My supervisor, experiences from other students, colloquia and the thesis ring were very helpful for understanding how to do a thesis. In the lab I learned new techniques, which were easier to perform after several repetitions. My scientific writing skills improved 

At nematology there is a very friendly environment to learn and have fun in between the serious moments. This made my 3 months at Nematology even more pleasant and successful!