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Testimonial Sarlita Dwiani

At the beginning of my master program, I felt a bit lost in Plant Biotechnology. Since I did my bachelor in pharmaceutical sciences, following all of the “crops” courses was not that easy for me, and combined with biotechnology that did not help at all. So when I finished all the courses, I felt so relieved.

No results are also results
Sarlita Dwiani

July 2016

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Finally, I could do a thesis, and chose a topic that I wanted to do. I was so exciting. Honestly, Nematology was not my first choice at the beginning. But then my study advisor told me to take a look at it especially the LMA group, because he took into account my background knowledge in pharmacy. When I compared all the possibilities, I agreed with him that LMA is the field that was most related to human health. Then surprisingly, I felt no regret for choosing Nema. I am a kind of person who always worries if I am doing things wrong, but in Nema there is no such thing like that. Everything is about learning. I still remember the first time I had to give a presentation of my research progress in the group work discussion. I said that I still did not have any results, and they told me “no results are also results”. That phrase is stuck in my head, and changed my mindset on how it works in research. This is the loveliest lab that I ever been.