Abdullah Al Nayeem, recipient Student Conference Grant

Abdullah got the chance to participate in the AMIGO workshop and the Global Emissions Initiative (GEIA) Conference in Brussels to further expand his knowledge on atmospheric pollution.

Abullah Al Nayeem, recipient Student Conference Grant
The belief in my potential of University Fund Wageningen has sparked a flame within me, and I am determined to honor their investment by creating a lasting impact in my field of study.
Abullah Al Nayeem, recipient Student Conference Grant

"As an early career researcher specializing in atmospheric pollution science, particularly in the Asian Monsoon regions, this conference aligned perfectly with the focus of my Master's thesis on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollution. My primary objective was to gain deeper insights into GHG inventories across European regions, and the conference provided an ideal platform for this pursuit. Interacting with distinguished scientists from esteemed organizations such as NOAA, USEPA, NASA, EU, SRON, KNMI, TNO etc. and numerous universities was a truly enriching experience. These engagements not only broadened my understanding of the subject matter but also facilitated the establishment of valuable connections that will undoubtedly shape my academic and professional journey."

"In addition to expanding my knowledge, the conference served as an opportunity to identify potential research organizations and institutes for my upcoming Internship, scheduled to commence in March 2024. Armed with the knowledge and networks acquired at the conference, I am confident that this Internship will be a transformative experience, driving groundbreaking advancements in my field of study."

"Last but not least, engaging with scientists from different universities and sharing my aspirations for future doctoral research was another significant goal during my participation. The fruitful exchanges and invaluable insights gained from these interactions have reignited my passion, solidifying my determination to pursue a PhD and create a lasting impact within my chosen domain."

"Thanks to the unwavering support and generosity of University Fund Wageningen, I was able to seize a life-changing opportunity and participate in GEIA Conference 2023. Their invaluable funding empowered me to connect with leading experts in my field, expand my knowledge, and forge meaningful collaborations. The impact of their support extends far beyond the conference itself, as it has fueled my passion, invigorated my research endeavours, and propelled me towards making a significant contribution to the scientific community. Their belief in my potential has sparked a flame within me, and I am determined to honor their investment by creating a lasting impact in my field of study."