Alumnus testimonial

Alumna Canan Ziylan

Canan Ziylan chose to do the specialisation Public Health & Nutrition at Wageningen University and graduated in 2011.

Everyone knows a grandmother, or grandfather, or someone else, who is in this situation. The great thing about this study is that it is an important societal problem and a great challenge!

After finishing this programme, students usually find jobs all over the world, but some stay close to home. The latter was the case for Canan, who now works for Wageningen University as a PhD candidate. She studies protein enriched meals for elderly people who cannot do their own cooking anymore, in order to reduce the risk of malnutrition. Her PhD project brings her into contact with many different stakeholders; doctors, dieticians and, of course, the elderly themselves. The elderly are usually very excited about getting to participate in a study of the WUR. Many of them are lonely and do not get to go out very often. Participating in this study allows them to strike up new acquaintances. Canan’s work therefore has a positive influence on many different levels.

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