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Alumna Ute Achenbach - MSc Plant Biotechnology

My academic career started at the Applied University of Osnabrück, where I did a BSc in Horticulture and became interested in biotechnology. I wanted to continue with an MSc in plant biotechnology to deepen my knowledge in this field without losing touch with plants.

The courses I attended proved to fit my expectations.

Study choice

After some research I quickly learned that the field of Plant Biotechnology is broad. So I was looking for a program which offers a highly interactive and flexible opportunity to focus on my personal interests. I decided on Wageningen because the MSc program Plant Biotechnology offered the features I was looking for.

Study programme

The courses I attended proved to fit my expectations. I especially liked their setup; they combine theory with practical courses in the lab as well as computer practicals. Classes are given by scientists who are actively involved in research projects in their departments. Therefore they are not only inspiring lecturers, but also ideal contact persons for the future plans of each individual student.


When I graduated in April 2004, I had already found a position as a PhD student at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (MPIZ) in Cologne, Germany. Here I work on resistance against potato cyst nematode in potato, using genomics techniques. This is in line with the MSc major thesis that I carried out at the Laboratory of Nematology in Wageningen, we still collaborate with them. Wageningen is known as one of the leading Universities in Life Sciences, that is undoubtedly one of the main reasons I was selected for my current position. In short I can say that the MSc Plant Biotechnology was well structured to prepare me for my working environment and that I profit daily from the assignments and subjects discussed during the lectures.”

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