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Alumnus Bernd Feenstra

In 1998, Bernd Feenstra graduated at Wageningen University in Environmental Hygiene. This was not the end of his academic career though; he continued his studies with an MBA at the University of Twente.

I like my current job best, of all the ones that I have had so far; I work a lot with entrepreneurs and have good relations with all of my customers. I have a lot of freedom to make my own choices, which makes my job exciting

Next, he has had several different functions at different corporations. He started at the Borgstellingsfonds voor de Landbouw, an organisation where he provided guarantees to agrarian entrepreneurs to realise sustainable and innovative investmentplans. Bernd greatly enjoyed his work, but he missed the competitive atmosphere and decided to leave the public sector to work for the Dutch bank ABN AMRO. He worked there for seven years as the sectormanager of agriculture.

Today, Bernd has his own company, which provides marketadvice to professionals in the horticulture sector. “They have a lot of substantive knowledge about their craft, but need help with insight and strategies to come up with a potentially successful market plan”, Bernd says. Next to his job as entrepreneur, Bernd writes a monthly column for the magazine Groenten & Fruit (Vegetables & Fruits).

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