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Alumnus Nick Lettink

Nick Lettink did the master Management, Economics and Consumer studies, specialised in Facility Management and graduated in February of 2014.

The great thing about my job is that it not only fits perfectly with my master, no two days are ever the same. I see many different organisations and travel all over the country for my job!

His master thesis was elected as the best thesis of Europe! Nick was allowed to present his thesis in Berlin, and even got to collect his prize in New Orleans. Facility management, in a nutshell, means that you primarily concern yourself with the support and approach of different aspects of organisations that are not their main activity. Examples of these are location policies, new ways of working, internal services and the work environment. With the knowledge and experience Nick obtained, he traded Wageningen University for the energy-infrastructure company Enexis, and later for YNNO, where he occupies himself with different facility problems. Nick his daily activities involve long term housing strategies and the development of people-oriented work place concepts. Next to that, he focuses on managing the accompanying change processes, so that the change capacity of the organisation can be used optimally. It is his responsibility to ensure that organisations, employees and clients can use their work environment optimally and feel happy with all its facilities. Need a different work place concept? Nick will arrange it. Need a better suitable work environment for your employees? No worries, Nick will take care of it!

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