At the University I have met many extraordinary people

Student Biotechnology
Prior Education: Biology and Medical Lab Research, Avans University of Applied Sciences

Prior Education

During my final year at Avans I did a minor in Turku (Finland) and an internship at Crucell in Leiden. Here I worked together with research university students and it quickly became clear to me how much a Master’s degree is worth.


For my follow-up training I orientated myself at different universities in Utrecht, Maastricht, Groningen and Wageningen of course. Wageningen appealed to me the most because of the ambiance and the freedom in compiling an own study program.


During the AID (Annual Introduction Days) I met a lot of people and the University immediately felt trusted to me. However, the first semesters were really tough: loads more information in little time. Luckily the lectures were always prepared to help. The learning itself was a bit easier as I could chose the most interesting courses.

My Master’s thesis I did at the Laboratory of Cell Biology and Immunology at the University it self. Here I helped to conduct a research on the effects of electromagnetic fields on immune cells. During my thesis I learnt about new techniques and what working in a scientific setting is like.

Meanwhile I have completed my final internship. I have helped to conduct a research on a fermentation process with exotic yeasts. The two years of the Master’s were very pleasant ones and I have not regretted my choice of doing a follow-up Master’s once. At the University I have learned a lot and met many extraordinary people.

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