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Eline – Marine ecologist

Once Eline started working with fish, she knew she wanted a career in ecology. After her master’s degree Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management, she got to opportunity to start as a marine ecologist at Arcadis. For Eline the perfect combination of science and practical applications.

Like any ecologist I love doing some fieldwork; water plant monitoring, mussel counting, underwater noise measurements or fish monitoring for energy plants.

What does a marine ecologist do?

“My everyday job consists of environmental impact assessments and other nature-related assessments. These are mostly for off-shore projects such as wind farms, platforms and cables. However, I also work on projects related to the MSFD for the European Union and other water-related topics.”

What do you like about your job?

“Like any ecologist I love doing some fieldwork; water plant monitoring in Lake IJssel, mussel counting, underwater noise measurements, fish monitoring for energy plants. You can wake me up for such a job every day.

And my work is a nice combination of science and practical applications. I see myself as a bridge between the corporate and scientific areas. Working with deadlines, strict budgets, thought-provoking subjects and all kinds of different people (and their opinions) can be challenging at times.

Still I do not regret making the choice to stay with Arcadis after my internship there. Because of the size of the company and outreach into the world, there are so many different specialisations and interests. I can learn a new thing or meet a new person every day.”

What made you choose the MSc Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management?

“I never knew how cool fish actually is until I started to work with sharks and rays. Man, these fish are smart! You can teach them to do all kinds of things, like swim unto your lap or touch a target. My weekend-job became so much more than a job, it made me choose the aquatic path in my studies and career.

After my BSc Animal Sciences, the choice for my master’s was easily made. Thanks to the ecology specialisation I can now call myself marine ecologist for the design and consultancy firm Arcadis.”

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