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Florence - Proposal writer

Florence started her career with a Bachelor degree, Post Graduate diploma and many years of work experience in Uganda. Then she decided to come to Wageningen for her master's Development and Rural Innovation at Wageningen University & Research.

My time in Wageningen exposed me to many intercultural interactions.

A week in the life of Florence

Name: Florence
MSc Development and Rural Innovation
Proposal Writer
master development and rural innovation

Since you graduated, what kind of jobs did you have?
"After my graduation I first worked as a volunteer desk researcher. After that I became a proposal writer at 'Light for the World', and that is still my current job.

Light for the World is an international organisation that aids persons with disabilities living in poverty. It is my job to write proposals for institutional donors that could provide the funding of our projects."

Could you tell us how your time at WUR helped you to get where you are now?
"My time at Wageningen University & Research exposed me to many intercultural interactions. I also learned how to fit well in the Dutch business culture. International students should be keen on these, if they have plans to work in the Netherlands."

What are your future goals?
"My dream is to become a consultant in developing projects and designing social innovations which address societal challenges of our time."


How does your work week look like?
"I work mostly at the office, where I join meetings and write the proposals. Sometimes I have to travel to other cities or countries to represent my organisation."


"I usually start my week with a Skype meeting with our International Programme Development team. We brainstorm and discuss things like open or upcoming calls for proposals (funding opportunities) and how they align to our priorities in terms of sectorial and geographical focus. I am responsible for identifying some of these funding opportunities, analysing them and presenting them to the team.

After the meeting I usually do market intelligence. This means that I'm looking for funding opportunities on different online platforms where my organisation has a membership, or browsing websites of institutional donors and international foundations."


"In case there is a call for a proposal that is of interest to us, I spend the rest of the week on facilitating the proposal writing process. This includes an in-depth analysis of the call in question which I present to the Senior Management Team. After approval of this team I make contact with different colleagues in office and field locations – mainly Africa and Asia – and partner staff for necessary information. After that I can start the actual writing of the proposal."

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