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I realised that a lot of jobs that I found interesting required a research university degree

Student Animal Sciences
Prior Education: Animal and Livestock Farming, CAH Vilentum

Omdat je extra vakken mag kiezen buiten je eigen opleiding heb ik een tweede specialisatie in Agricultural Business Economics gekozen. Hierdoor wordt mijn master toch ook weer meer economisch.
Stefan, student Animal Sciences

Prior Eduction

For my Bachelor’s I did the program Animal and Livestock Farming at CAH Vilentum in Dronten, a broad program focussed on the livestock sector. This program had a good link to practice, however, during my Bachelor’s, I noticed that I was looking for more depth in the course content. Beside that, I realised that a lot of jobs that I found interesting required a research university degree. The latter caused me to make the decisive choice to continue my studies. With which Master’s was decided almost immediately, Animal Sciences in Wageningen. Even though I did briefly consider a more economical Master’s, I had found the Livestock Farming courses during my Bachelor’s the most interesting and I wanted to carry them on into my Master’s.


The first couple of months took some getting used to, from an Applied Sciences University where everyone knows each other to an international University. I was apprehensive of the English and to improve my skills I took an English language course during the first couple of months. As all the subjects are taught in English I got used to the language quickly. The course content matched my prior education well. In the first year I was able to chose my own courses to the most extend. I find this freedom very positive because a student can decide their own specialisation. My main specialisation is Animal Nutrition in which I took four courses. The profoundness that I was looking for could defiantly be found in herein. However, I do notice that the courses are more research orientated, so mainly about how research can be conducted on something. The link to practice is less than during my Bachelor’s.


My second year will already be my year of graduation. I am going to write a graduation thesis in both of my specialisations. Both will be a research rapport. For Animal Nutrition I will do a research at the Research Company of the University and for Business Economics I will conduct a research for an accountancy office. After my study I would like a job as Livestock Farming Advisor, for example at an animal feed company. There I would also like to advance to Nutritionist. A job for which Animal Sciences forms a good basis!

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