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Martijn - Sustainable adviser municipality

Martijn was among one the first students who graduated from the master’s Metropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering. He was lucky to find a job right away that matches all his criteria.

I never had a clear picture in mind of what I wanted to become, or what kind of job I aspired to execute. However, this job does match all my criteria.

Since you graduated, what kind of jobs did you have?
Af few months after I graduated I found a job at the Municipality of The Hague. I first worked as a policy officer in the field of sustainability, energy transition and public space and now I am a Sustainable adviser for the municipality.

Is this what you always wanted to be?
I never had a clear picture in mind of what I wanted to become, or what kind of job I aspired to execute. However, this job does match all my criteria. Before applying I defined what is important to me in a job.

Most important is the city at the centre of my work, along with the sustainability. My background was in architecture and urbanism, which made me want to combine strategy and design. This is what I found in my current position.

What are your future goals?
I like to work in the public domain, to really focus on the public good. In the coming years, I want to grow more into consultancy within a large governmental organisation. In the future, I aspire to be in a decision-making position, preferably regarding urban development and sustainability.

How do you contribute to a better world?
I contribute to a better world in a few ways. First of all, I contribute by developing new policies that set the standard for sustainable urban development.

Secondly, I implement these policies by accelerating projects and using my consultancy role within the municipality in which I advise project leaders or property developers. Lastly, I find it very important to set the right example myself (personally and professionally) and be an inspiration for those around me.

How did your time at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) prepare you for your career?
The MADE programme was a logical continuation of my architecture and urbanism education, especially because it has provided me with both theoretical as well as practical experience.

The master's covers a wide range of themes and by choosing your electives, Living Lab and thesis topics, you can create your own profile. My main profile has been energy, but I currently work on a wider range of topics, which I really like.

Also, I thank my job to MADE, because during the last course ‘professional profile’ a speaker who previously worked at AMS Institute recruited me to work for the Municipality of The Hague.

What challenges have you encountered in your previous and/or current jobs?
The challenges I face at work are mostly about integrating different sustainability issues. Different themes such as the energy transition, sustainability mobility or green infrastructure lay claims on public space. Solving these spatial issues asks for a multi-disciplinary approach in which social factors are included. This is exactly what we came across in the MADE curriculum.

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