Student testimonial

Mi Yan on her internship at the Foundation for Sustainable Development

Mi Yan did her internship at the Foundation for Sustainable Development in Wageningen, July 2017.

To be involved in a European project with a focus on self-development proved to be my precious experience
Mi Yan

I have done my master internship in the FSD. This is a not-for-profit research & consultancy foundation coordinating projects like the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) and the Dutch phenological network Nature’s Calendar. ESP is a worldwide network to enhance the science and practical application of ecosystem services. One EU project within FSD that I was working on is ESMERALDA. ESMERALDA (Enhancing ecosystem services mapping for policy and decision making) aims to map and assess ecosystem services and deliver a flexible methodology to provide the building blocks regional assessments in European countries.

My internship focused on the information management in those two groups. I have been working with completing ESMERALDA database and organizing EU projects table which related to the ESMERALDA. The highlight needs to be mentioned is that ESMERALDA communities are happy with my work and contribution. It was a nice feeling for me to feel that I could add value in the organization. I initiated an inventory table of ecosystem services databases which was the first step of the establishing an integrated ecosystem services economic valuation model.

Another interesting part of my internship was that I had chance to be involved in practical issues. Updating the ESP website made me understand the website information management. In addition, I helped with ESP 2017 World Conference, which this year will be organized in China. I learned a lot of the organizing skills from my colleagues. I would be happy that if I could participate in this conference and help the ESP when I am back in China, my home country.

My colleagues are really nice people to work with, and I also had a good social life when I was working in FSD. We had the chance to have BBQ dinner and excursion to visiting a castle. Not only an efficient work we are looking forward, but also a nice working environment will make a real team. During this internship, I did improve and overcome my weakness, to become a better time planner and more self-confident. My internship was a valuable experience for me and it definitely benefits to my future career.