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My classmates come from whichever part of the world that can be thought of

Student Leisure, Tourism and Environment
Prior Education: Tourism and Recreation Management, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

During my Bachelor’s thesis I met different graduates of Leisure, Tourism and Environment.
Sharon, student Leisure, Tourism and Environment

Follow-up Training

During my Bachelor’s Tourism and Recreation Management at the Saxion in Deventer I realised that I was still searching. What did I what to do after this? Tourism is really it for me, I knew that. However, all the knowledge that I had done up during the past years in my Bachelors still felt incomplete and did not quite match what I actually liked. During my Bachelor’s thesis, in which I conducted research to what really is a responsible tourist, I met different graduates of Leisure, Tourism and Environment (MLE) in Wageningen.  I decided to look up the program on its website and it soon deemed clear that everything that my Bachelor’s missed was offered within this Master’s program. The Bachelor’s had been more about management and marketing, but this Master’s focussed more on social science and research within tourism.


The courses that I have taken so far have taught me a great many of new things, the knowledge obtained at my Bachelor’s gave me a good start and the Master’s has provided a great depth. The transition from Bachelor’s to Master’s took some getting used to, in stead of ‘learning by rote’ it is more of real understanding here. The Master’s in Wageningen gives me plenty of freedom to make choices regarding the extra courses I want to take. The student life is something that makes it different in Wageningen as well as Wageningen is a real student city. I promptly decided to join the board of Licere (the study association of MLE), this turned out to be more than a good decision: I love organising events and as a board member you get to know many new friends. What I like best about Wageningen so far is the international character as 50% of my classmates are not from the Netherlands but from whichever part of the world that can be though of. This alone is a very fun and educational challenge.

At the moment I am on my way to Nepal to write my thesis in Kathmandu in the field of air pollution  and the effect on tourism. When I get back, I hope to find an internship in the same field.

All in all I know that I made the right choice by starting a program in Wageningen, it gives a profoundness and widening to my Bachelor’s and I know for sure that it will increase my chances on the job market later on!

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