Student testimonial

Sveva Scarioni – Master Food Quality Management

I did a master in Food Quality Management with the specialisation in User-oriented Food Quality.
The education method was very different compared to the bachelor that I did in Italy, education periods were shorter and there were a lot of group works. In the beginning, it was complicated to deal with all the different deadlines, but after a few months things turned to be way better and I enjoy every lecture and group work in which I took part.

The two years spent at Wageningen University were the best of my life, till now!

This master allowed me to test myself in making in real practise the things learn in class, starting from improving the packaging of a pancake bottle to the creation of a new powder milk products for low-income families. Since my specialisation was on consumers, I decided to focus my master thesis on understanding consumers purchase intention toward vegan ice cream. During thesis time I had the luckiness to be surrounded by amazing friends, with whom I spent days in the study room writing and laughing. Unfortunately, I had a delate in my thesis also because I started an internship at Friesland Campina in the Growth Market and Global Account team. In this internship, I had the opportunity to learn how the marketing department works and how to do proper consumers research. My Friesland Campina Manager and my thesis supervisor were two great mentors and supported a lot on ending at best my master, which I achieved since I manage to graduate in summer.

Wageningen University did not teach me only about food science but also how to communicate and work with people from all over the world. Life at Wageningen University was not only studying but a great experience to get to know me and make friends for life.

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