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Testimonial Fajri Maulana Anugrah

Hi, I am Fajri from Indonesia. I am so happy that I finally finished my Master’s thesis at the Department of Nematology. My one word to describe people at the Nematology is exceptional! They are very kind and cheerful people. I had so many enjoyable times chatting with people around the coffee corner or even when I was waiting my PCR results in the lab. The talk was not always about lab work which is so important to me, to balance my life and to connect with people.

Fajri Maulana Anugrah
My one word to describe people at the Nematology is exceptional?!
Fajri Maulana Anugrah
My thesis was about molecular barcoding for soil protists. The overall aim was to reduce potential biases from PCR-assay and in the long run to optimize molecular sequencing information. Throughout my thesis period, I was supervised by Alejandro Berlinches de Gea and Stefan Geisen. I tested so many primer combinations ranging from 18S rDNA, 28S rDNA, and cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI). In addition, I also analyzed the sequences and compared with the reference databases for taxonomical and phylogenetic assessment. I learned and developed a palette of skills both theory and practice during my Master’s thesis which will be useful for my future endeavors.