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Testimonial Anne Walther

Working at the Department of Nematology was a great experience to me. Even as a newly started student I was immediately involved in meetings within the group and non-work-related activities, which included barbecues and an excursion.

An especially nice experience was the so-called “thesisring
Anne Walther

November 2014

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My co-workers gave me the feeling to be welcome within the department. People at the department were always friendly and considerate. My co-workers at the laboratory were very kind and helpful. I was able to be creative with my experiments and new ideas were appreciated. I was given a lot of freedom with my work. An especially nice experience was the so-called “thesisring”, in which students had their work checked by other students before submitting to their supervisor. Not only was this feedback very helpful, the weekly meeting also provided a bond between students as everybody got to know each other there. In general, the time I spent working at the Nematology Department were some of the best months of my study so far. The atmosphere provided by all of the co-workers and co-students made for an excellent learning environment.