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Testimonial Annemoon Tiemens

In my bachelor biology during the course Ecophysiology I collected the nematode C. elegans in and around Wageningen. This model species is mostly used in labs. However, during this course we focused on its ecology. In addition, we looked at how natural variation could be used to study - for example - drug resistance. My main interest is ecology, but this course made me interested in the combination of ecology and genetics.

Annemoon Tiemens
I looked at genetic differences in drug resistance genes in wild C. elegans strains found near Wageningen
Annemoon Tiemens

My main reason for choosing the Laboratory of Nematology was something else. During ecophysiology we also had to write a report. The feedback that I got from Mark Sterken on my report was useful, something that I would also like to see in my thesis.

In my thesis I looked at genetic differences in drug resistance genes in wild C. elegans strains found near Wageningen during the previous Ecophysiology courses. What I liked about this topic was that I was able to continue my work from the course. Because I was acquainted with the topic, I could also go more in depth than otherwise would be possible in a bachelor thesis.

The Laboratory of Nematology proved to be a flexible and fun group to work in, which made it possible for me to start my thesis at an unofficial moment to fit my schedule. Also later during my thesis when I developed CANS problems, it was no problem that my report took some more time. I could even do some work in the lab that I wouldn’t have done without CANS problems. There was also effort made by the staff of Nematology to support me: I could borrow a laptop and a CANS pen so that I was able to at least do some things.

Because everything took some more time, I started to realise how fast the development in some research areas can be. When I was finally able to finish my thesis, my main data source had completely changed its interface and several new studies were published. Here I also learned when to decide when it is good enough. With all the new information being published, working on a thesis can be endless as there is always more to look at.