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Testimonial Daniëlle Geboers

Hi, my name is Daniëlle Geboers. I am a MSc student from the Animal Sciences department. My 4 month project was about ‘The transcriptomic effects of mitochondrial sir-2.3 in Caenorhabditis elegans’.

sirtuin transcriptomics
Daniëlle Geboers

March 2015

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It was a topic which was very interesting but also full of challenge. During my study I followed courses in the direction of Adaptation Physiology, which is quite different from this field of Science.  But I do love a challenge and I was well supported by my supervisors. It was a comfortable work environment and the staff and peers were helpful and friendly.  In the lab I worked on the backcross of the RB654 strain, which is a knockout of the gene of interest sir-2.3 and I performed a micro array. This was the first time for me working in a lab but with the help from some experts I was able to complete my experiments on time.

All in all, time at Nematology was such a great learning experience.

Wish you all the best.