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Testimonial Francisco Marques

I decided to do my Master Thesis at the Laboratory of Molecular Recognition and Antibody Technology (LMA) part of Nematology. The LMA focuses on the development of plant-based biopharmaceuticals for Inflammatory Bowel Disease therapy.

...I could perform different techniques like cloning, confocal microscopy or ELISA
Francisco Marques

August 2010

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I first got contact with this interesting topic during the course — Plants and Health (NEM-31806), where during the practical work I was supervised by Ruud Wilbers and Lotte Westerhof (both doing currently their Ph.D. and the last one supervising me during the thesis project). My project involved the production of IL-10 in Nicotiana benthamiana. With this project I could perform different techniques like cloning, confocal microscopy or ELISA.

The dynamics within the LMA group is very good and we have work meetings and literature discussions on a weekly basis. The supervision lets the student acquire lab experience and also aims the development of scientific thinking and writing skills.

Besides the fact that Nematology is a very dynamic and hard working team, also fun and good time is assured. Example of that are the multiple activities organized by the department — barbecues, lab-outings, afternoon drinks or the famous daily coffee breaks!