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Testimonial Frederik Pankok

During my time at Nematology I was a member of the C. elegans group of Jan Kammenga. A couple of years ago a virus was discovered, which infects these nematodes.

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Frederik Pankok

March 2015

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Because not much is known about this virus my work was based on analyzing transcriptome-changes in C.elegans caused by the infection. Therefore I did a Microarray analysis combined with a follow-up experiment to investigate developmental changes. These were indicated by the gene expression differences.

Besides my research I was integrated in different research-group meetings that are held once a week where everyone can share information related to his own work. Furthermore the weekly “Thesis-ring” was incredibly useful, because it helped me improving my writing skills. Of course this sounds work-intensive, but it is definitely worth it. The experience I gained during my time at Nematology is priceless.

From the beginning I was welcomed with open arms, because everyone is very kind and helpful. The atmosphere in the department is just great and gave me a lot of fun.

So, if someone is looking for a department, which offers awesome research topics, nice colleagues and a high learning-output, the department of Nematology is indeed the right choice.