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Testimonial Garam Han

I can confidently say that deciding to pursue a thesis in the department of Nematology was the right decision for me. Under the supervision of Geert Smant and Nina Guarneri, I carried out research investigating the effect of de novo root organogenesis of beet cyst nematode in Arabidopsis.

Garam Han
While pursuing the observational studies, numerous aspects were quite challenging
Garam Han

Over six months, I had the task of observing the difference in nematode development depending on secondary root formation upon nematode infection. While pursuing the observational studies, numerous aspects were quite challenging, especially when trying to locate specific evidence that supported my hypothesis. Despite this fact, I gained various skills concerning my research capabilities through this opportunity. I realized that it is also essential to be able to accurately express and dictate the observations in a logical format to be useful in the research process.

Despite difficulties due to the pandemic, our group actively created an environment in which we were able to participate in various group meetings so that we could communicate and provide updates regarding our research status. In addition, we formed “thesis rings” for peer-reviews in scientific writing. Above all, I was happy to introduce a research topic and present it at the live symposium, as well as listen to other colleagues' thesis.

In the end, I would recommend taking part in a thesis at Nematology, especially for those who are passionate about research and would wish to do it in an uplifting atmosphere.