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Testimonial Ivo Dols

As a Plant Science student I performed my final Msc thesis at the Laboratory of Nematology. Here I worked on the localization and interaction study of Globodera pallida RBP-1 effectors with Erik Slootweg as my supervisor.

...a nice place to consider if you are looking for a thesis….
Ivo Dols

September 2015

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At the start of each thesis you first need to get familiar with the topic and read into results already obtained. I obtained my own results with different techniques (Confocal microscopy, FRET-FLIM and Co-immunoprecipitation) and compared them with results from previous studies. I found interesting differences, which lead the experiments in a new direction with interesting results.

It was not the first time that I came to the Laboratory of Nematology, the organized and friendly working environment encouraged me to come back. There are also different workgroups within the Laboratory of Nematology, so during this Msc thesis I worked with different techniques and focused more on protein-protein interactions. Compared to last time the nematology laboratory also introduced thesis rings. During these thesis rings you receive and give feedback on the theses of fellow students. This gives you an impression of the work that other students perform during your time at the Nematology laboratory, but also helps you during your own writing process. In the end this is a beneficial addition to the Laboratory of Nematology. To conclude I again enjoyed my time at the Laboratory of Nematology and it is a nice place to consider if you are looking for a thesis.