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Testimonial Johanna Heim

First, I want to say that having the chance to write my master thesis at Nematology has been a pleasure and I was surrounded by so many open, easy-going, and caring people.
In my thesis, I was searching for an anti-diabetic effect of two different tea extracts on gene expression in C. elegans.

Johanna Heim
failure is also part of science
Johanna Heim

My project and experimental setup were based on a previous student´s work. My task was to verify her results by using a more advanced RNA-sequencing technique. Obviously, this approach came with some expectations what my results were supposed to look like.

After conducting my experiments and waiting for my samples to be sequenced, I had the chance to dive into data analysis and to get familiar with the programming software “R”.

Very soon I realized that something about my data seemed off and did not lead to the expected results. Probably, the problem was a mistake during the experiments.

Of course, I felt disappointed in myself as well as sorry for not being able to contribute any great results to the project.

Luckily, I was reminded by my supervisors, that failure is also part of science and that it is all about the way you handle it. Mistakes are important not only to help with your own learning moments but also to improve the work that you are doing.

Looking back at my thesis, I can say that trying to bring some light into the darkness, where the path seemed so clear before, is what made me learn the most.