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Testimonial Joli Bastin

My name is Joli and I’m doing my MSc degree in Biology with the specialization Health and Disease. A love for genetics brought me to the Laboratory of Nematology to do my thesis. That may not sound like the most logical option, but the nematode C. elegans is a powerful model organism, as I’ve come to discover.

A valuable Wnt worm time
Joli Bastin

April 2015

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The goal of my thesis was to uncover a potential new genetic interaction. Specifically, a modifier of the Wnt pathway. This pathway is implicated in a variety of diseases, hence its relevance to me. During my time at the Nematology department I have become intimately familiar with the genotyping protocol as well as some of the more tedious aspects of research. A prime example, nematode microscopy, can be tiresome and frustrating, but once the data has been collected and it reveals something new about your hypothesis that makes it all worthwhile.

The Nematology department takes part in a trial of thesis rings in which students provide feedback on each other’s writing. Although this can be quite time consuming, it does lead to valuable input to help improve your work. The Nematology department is a family where I have felt at home and where questions and comments are welcomed as well as encouraged.

If you’re considering doing a thesis at the Nematology department, do prepare for your cake baking as well as your cake eating skills to be thoroughly tested.