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Testimonial Laurey-Anne Krammer – MSc International Business specializing in Strategic Marketing

After completing the BTO program I chose to continue my studies with the MSc. International Business at the University of Maastricht.

I’m currently finishing my master with an exchange in Copenhagen where I look deeper into neuroscience and big data analytics

What do you do?

I am specializing in strategic marketing because after three years of studying Tourism, which covered various topics I decided that marketing was the topic that I enjoyed the most and wanted to explore more deeply. I choose this particular master program because I had the impression that the tourism marketing masters were not really targeted for tourism students but more business students or master students in general, which meant that there were often a few courses that were already covered in the tourism bachelor. I felt that the overlap was too big and that a general marketing master would add more value. What makes me so enthusiastic about my current master is the learning method used by Maastricht University, problem based learning and the real life cases which allows me to apply marketing theory and help companies at the same time. Outside of my studies I am mostly enjoying traveling and next to that am experimenting with various software (mostly data analytics programs).

Role of BTO in career development

I found out that my current master is what I wanted to do through the bachelor courses, which helped me decide where exactly my interests in tourism lies, in my case marketing. Also, I used my minor to take some courses in marketing at Maastricht University, which helped me further decide that I wanted to do a marketing master. Together the BTO program in combination with my minor at Maastricht University helped me to get into my current master program.

Student life

What I remember most about my student life are the other tourism students. We were such a small group, so you really get to know each other. It also made the lectures much more fun than when you are one of the 500 students in a huge lecture hall. 

Future plans

My plans are still wide open. I’m currently finishing my master with an exchange in Copenhagen where I look deeper into neuroscience and big data analytics. And afterwards, who knows? Hopefully, off to an awesome new challenge!

Advice for future graduates

Push yourself and never stop expending your horizon. Look beyond your initial (broad) ideas for a job or master degree. You might find the most interesting and fascinating subjects that you had not considered before.

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