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Testimonial Louise Logie

My name is Louise and I am currently doing a bachelor Plantsciences here at Wageningen. From day 1 at Wageningen I had courses coordinated by the Nematology group. These courses focused on bio-interactions between plant and nematode, but the subject was approached in different ways.

I worked a lot but the atmosphere in the group was great
Louise Logie

September 2017


Both the agronomic impact of nematodes and the genetic consequences such interactions have on the plant are covered by the Nematology courses. The diversity in the research conducted and the freedom it gives students doing a thesis really appealed to me. So when it was time for me to find a thesis I sent Geert Smant an email and he told me about the possibilities of doing my Bsc thesis in his group. I ended up focusing on 2 genes of interest in Arabidopsis thaliana resistance to nematodes. These genes were suspected to interact with hormones in the plant to enable resistance and/or susceptibility to Melodoigyne incognita. So I tested many knockout plants to see whether they grew differently when exposed to plant hormones. I worked a lot but the atmosphere in the group was great, making it a joy to be there every day for many hours. There was always someone available to help you out or cheer you up!

I loved the three months I spent at Nematology and if you are thinking of joining the group for your thesis I would encourage you to do so!



Louise Logie