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Testimonial Marcel van de Streek

As a Bioinformatics student that is interested in Ageing and cancer, WUR provides only a few thesis projects. Luckely I found my final Msc thesis related to genetics and cancer at the Nematology lab.

Bioinformatics in nematodes
Marcel van de Streek

October 2015

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We studied the elements that modify transcription of targets downstream of the LET-60 RAS proto-oncogene in C. elegans at transcriptional level. Via eQTL-mapping we identified interesting interactions between transcripts and confirmed previous findings.

During my thesis I was introduced to the thesis rings. At the thesis rings you learn how to provide constructive feedback on documents of others and greatly improve your own writing skills.

Aside from the work, I found that the cake-threshold at the nematology lab is very low. Which often resulted in multiple cake moments per week. Nematology is definitely a very social group and I have enjoyed my time with them. Hopefully you will too.