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Testimonial Marloes van Adrichem

After my immunology-related MSc thesis at nematology (, I knew I wanted to learn more about the immune system and drug development. Via nematology I got the opportunity to do my internship at Genmab. This is a biotechnology company developing antibody therapeutics.

Marloes van Adrichem
I highly recommend to look for an internship at a company
Marloes van Adrichem

Of course I learned a lot about antibodies, but also about the immune system and different forms of cancer. Techniques that are used frequently are cell culture and flow cytometry. My supervisor gave me the opportunity to work independently on my project, with regular meetings to keep track of the progress. I set up a screening assay using Design of Experiment software. This software predicts the effect of certain antibodies, based on previous assays.

I highly recommend to look for an internship at a company. The atmosphere is different compared to the university and you will develop your skills to collaborate with other people and to work in a team. And it is a lot of fun to learn new people with a different background than Wageningen UR.