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Testimonial Marloes Wilms

My name is Marloes and I am a MSc student Molecular Life Sciences. For my master thesis I was looking for something that had a connection to human disease. I followed the course “Host-parasite interactions” and that is where I first came into contact with the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.

A very supportive group
Marloes Wilms

June 2015

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At the Laboratory of Nematology I could use this tiny worm as a model to study complex human disease. My 6 month thesis project was about the identification of a modifier of the Wnt pathway in C. elegans. Defects in the Wnt pathway often lead to cancer in humans, therefore it is useful to identify any modifiers. I had never worked with nematodes in the lab before, but the supervisors taught me how to maintain them and to make crosses. I’ve also done phenotyping, genotyping and microarray analysis.

The Nematology group is a nice place to do a thesis. I could ask for help at any time and my supervisors and all other people of the lab are very supportive. Beside working on my project I really enjoyed sharing my breaks with the whole group (and eat a lot of cakes). I have had a great time and I have learned a lot!