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Testimonial Mels Schrama

During my BSc thesis at the lab of Nematology, I was working on the genetics underlying the interaction between Caenorhabditis elegans and the Orsay virus. The goal was to uncover the mode of inheritance of a viral resistance trait present in the Hawaiian C. elegans isolate, CB4856.

...real excitement...
Mels Schrama

July 2017

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Doing lab work at Nematology was a real eye opener to me because it is not similar to following practical courses. Doing real lab work, you have to prepare a lot of the solutions yourself, think ahead, and accept that your experiments aren’t as fail proof as in most practicals. It is definitely more challenging but therefore not less fun. I never thought it would be so interesting to be part of this research project. The real excitement came when we noticed our results deviated from our initial expectations. I had to dig into literature to find possible explanations for these unexpected results. The fact that my finding contributed to this ongoing research project really inspired me.

At Nematology, they have these weekly thesis rings that really helped me with improving my scientific writing skills. Furthermore, weekly meetings allowed me to share my thoughts about my project but also to hear about projects others students were working on. I had an enjoyable time during my thesis at Nematology. Everybody was friendly and helpful, the chair group is well organized, and I had an amazing supervisor! I am really glad I was able to join the laboratory of Nematology for doing my BSc thesis.