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Testimonial Sarlita Dwiani

For the last six months, I did my internship at Universität für Bödenkultur (BOKU) Vienna, Austria. I joined a research group in the Department of Applied Genetic and Cell Biology, which is an expert group in glycan-engineering in plants.

Sarlita Dwiani
It was a pleasure for me to learn a lot and straight from the expert of this field
Sarlita Dwiani

January 2017

While my previous thesis at the Laboratory of Nematology was on glycan-engineering of helminth proteins, I worked on human therapeutic proteins during my internship. I thought it would be the same, but apparently not. It is still the same glycan-engineering, however since the product function is different it gives a different focus. In therapeutic protein production, there is also a focus on how to improve the protein half-life via glycan-engineering, which in this case is quite more complex. This enriches me with more insights on the possibilities of glycan-engineering. It was a pleasure for me to learn a lot and straight from the expert of this field. It was also a nice experience to see how other groups perform their research. Although this group is part of the university, they have a different style in providing or supervising their students to perform a research. Within this group, I also felt the working environment. Meet with new people also gave me the opportunity to learn a different work culture (and also culture), which I believe is a good training for improving my soft-skills.