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Testimonial Silvi Paskov

I started working in Laboratory of Nematology one year ago. I worked on project “Mechanisms for modulation of innate immune response by Venom allergen-like proteins”.

The freedom to work on my own favourite topics
Silvi Paskov

June 2015


The last year during my major and minor theses I learned to be independent person, to release my own ideas as well as my opinion to be heard. I chose the laboratory because I was said that I have the freedom to work on favorite topics and to lead my own project. I am glad that all of those things were true.  I chose my research field, I conducted my own experiments and my supervisors carefully directed me through the desired results. After finishing my 12-month work at the lab, I feel confident and independent. I learned a lot of new techniques, scientific writing, project planning and how satisfying the work can be. Moreover, the Laboratory of Nematology offers diverse interdisciplinary projects, such as molecular biology, immunology, bioinformatics, genetics, etc. This allows the students to enrich their scientific experience and/or to find the right approach in their scientific career. I had one incredible year with incredible helpful colleagues. I have said that to everyone who asks me – there is no such other place to work as Nematology.