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Testimonial Sumanth Mutte

I had an amazing learning experience at Nematology department, where I did my Master thesis in a Bioinformatics project related to heat stress recovery in worms at Dr. Jan Kammenga's group. It was really exciting to be the first Bioinformatics student doing thesis at Nematology.

Worms & Bioinformatics
Sumanth Mutte

May 2015

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Working among the group of people from various domains in life sciences, my role as a Bioinformatics student was involved in integrating large data sets from different experiments to provide a biological meaning to the problem at hand. My supervisor, Basten, helped me a lot to expand my knowledge by giving great support throughout my thesis. Weekly “Worm Meeting's” allowed me to get to know the various experiments and projects going on in the lab. Working atmosphere was very pleasant with all the nice people around. Weekly review meetings “thesis rings” gave an opportunity to improve my writing as well as reviewing skills. Overall, I would just say, the experience was “incredible”. So, if someone wants to work on a cutting edge research project in worms, among nice people, I would definitely recommend working at Nematology. Being the first Bioinformatics student at the department, I am really happy to see that more and more Bioinformatics students are looking forward for their thesis work at Nematology.