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Testimonial Szymon Budzowski

I did my master’s thesis at the Laboratory of Nematology with supervision of Marijke van Wijk and Jan Kammenga. I was involved in a study on multigenerational effect of ethanol on C. elegans.

Szymon Budzowski
The thesis workload was well balanced
Szymon Budzowski
Despite the strict corona rules at the time, everything at the Nematology laboratory was well organised and the supervisors and people from the department were easy to reach out to and always eager to help. The thesis workload was well balanced, with a lot of challenges and opportunities for learning and development, but without being too stressful. There was plenty of feedback and support from the supervisors and other students in the weekly meetings. Overall, I enjoyed my time here and I would recommend the Laboratory of Nematology to the other students that are still searching for a place to do their thesis.