Alumnus testimonial

Testimonial Thijs Eggink - MSc Tourism, Society and Environment

I am Commercial Insight Analyst at Monarch Airlines, which means I am part of the analytics team on the commercial side of the airline.

I think that BTO has helped me to come where I am right now by means of the structure of the programme

The main themes on this side of the airline are looking after our revenue and yield (basically the price you pay for your tickets). Currently I am working quite a lot on some daily reporting we send out, looking at ways to improve the process as well as the content of these reports. It is very diverse since we also get quite some ad-hoc requests to support other teams with data extraction/manipulation etc. Although the job is not very much linked to what I have studied for, I am very passionate about the airline industry. What makes me enthusiastic is the ability to work in the airline industry and to learn new skills and gain experience within the field of data analytics. Especially the skills related to retrieving, manipulating data and making it useful for the company is something I am very eager to learn.

Role of BTO in career development

I remember my time at WUR as a very enjoyable time. I was quite busy in the three years as a BTO student. I participated in a lot of fun activities, such as the study trip to Bali. This was a highlight of the study program, not only because of the research we did, but because all the theory you have learned comes back within this project. It is fantastic to do fieldwork in a team of fellow students; it is useful and super fun to! More career-orientated was my involvement in the founding of Study Association Pangea. I think that BTO has helped me to come where I am right now by means of the structure of the programme. The first years starts rather general whilst the last year is very specific, including the minor which you can compose yourself. Based on this structure one is able to basically find out his/her own fields of interest. During my BSc. in Tourism I realized that the economic field of tourism is my main field of interest. Hence, I specialized on this in my minor in development economics at the University of Amsterdam. The fact that I have figured out what actually interests me is one of the greatest strengths of the BTO programme

Key turning points career

After graduation I decided to follow a master in Human Geography at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and specialized in economic development. Via my master I wanted to specialize in the field of economic development in the social science way. This master program proved a good link with my bachelor of tourism for it combined my main interest in studying the effects of tourism on national- , regional-, and local- places with my interest in economic divisions and developments. The MSc. pushed me to write my thesis during an internship. I wrote my thesis on market entry decisions of low-cost carriers across Europe, basically trying to answer what influences low-cost carriers’ market presence. My internship company supported me with the expertise that I did not have in the airline industry, which was really helpful. In this way my MSc. program did help me to enter the job market successfully, because through my internship I found my current job as a Commercial Insight Analyst.

Future plans

Since I started work in September 2014 I moved quite recently to Luton (UK). Hence, I am still quite busy organizing my apartment, meeting new people, looking around in the area. For my future plans I currently have been offered the chance to enter the airline industry via Monarch Airlines. Basically, I want to learn as much as possible in the coming years. I believe that any future plans are to be determined when the time is right. For now, I am very content with my current position, but let’s see what future brings. I will keep you updated ;)

Advice for future graduates

I would advise future graduates to see the start of their career as an exciting challenge. Finding the perfect job is nearly impossible as a graduate, so try to figure out what really interests you and see how you  would match jobs in that area. It might, but it also might not, work out. It is a matter of trial and error; it is a challenge with ups and downs. However, I believe the most important aspect of work is: enjoy.