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Testimonial Tim Neefjes

My name is Tim Neefjes and together with my supervisor Ava Verhoeven I worked on a project which involved unraveling the effect of gene knock-outs in the plant. The knock-out of these genes was not chosen randomly, they were selected as these genes interact with a nematode protein.

To set-up a bioassay myself, is one of the aspects I really liked about doing a thesis.
Tim Neefjes

August 2017

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To  unravel the effect of these knock-outs, I had to set up a bioassay. With the help of a bioassay I was able to identify differences between the control and the knock-out plant lines. To set-up a bioassay like that, is one of the aspects I really liked about doing a thesis. I could schedule everything myself and also do things when I had the time to do them. However, sometimes I still had some questions about a set-up, then Ava was there to answer the questions.  Besides help from my supervisor, I also had help from the thesis ring. The thesis ring is weekly gathering of groups of thesis-students at nematology. During the thesis ring, parts of your report can be discussed within the group and in that way you can improve the quality.

At last, the breaks at nematology are very nice. There is cake almost once a week and everyone seems to be ''equal'' during the break. There is no real difference between the supervisors, thesis students and teachers. 

Tim Neefjes 2017