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Testimonial Wannisa Ritmahan

Hello everybody! My name is Wannisa Ritmahan. I conducted my master thesis at the laboratory of in Nematology on the topic “Characterising Orsay virus infection in C. elegans N2 and CB4856 Strains” for six months.

Thesis well worth doing!
Wannisa Ritmahan

April 2015

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I was not familiar with this topic at all from the beginning and it was really challenging to be here. I was always fascinated by the use of little nematode as a model species from the first day up until now. I had a chance to perform useful techniques like qRT-PCR and microarray analysis. I also learned a lot from the colloquium, peer-reviewing system (thesis ring) and self-study. I was really grateful to be there. Last but not least I would like to thank for such a warm and friendly environment. I wish you all the best.