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Testimonial Yuhao Wang

To learn QTL mapping and explore the nematode C. elegans, I did my research practice in the nematology group. My topic was to optimize the WormQTL QTL mapping pipeline and expand it for use on C. elegans.

Yuhao Wang
I learned QTL using the nematode C. elegans
Yuhao Wang
During the past four months, I not only improved my programming skills but also obtained a happy memory. Everyone in the group is kind and willing to help others. Colorful activities enriched our life. The thesis ring enabled us to improve our writing ability. In particular, the guidance from my supervisor Mark Sterken gave me insights into doing research. I so appreciate the help from Mark Sterken and Jan Kammenga. Thanks to all members of the nematology group, I had an unforgettable experience.