The Minor’s at the WUR was much to my liking and the Master’s matched my ambitions perfectly

Student Landscape Architecture and Planning
Prior Education: Garden and Landscape Arrangement, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Van Hall Larenstein

During my Bachelor’s at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences I enjoyed the practical and project based way of working. However, during the second year I missed substantiation, underlying knowledge and a more abstract way of thinking to be able to lift my ideas to a higher level. This, and to get an impression of what studying at a research university it like for a possible Master’s, prompted me to do a minor at the WUR in my third year.

The Choice for Wageningen University

During my graduating phase I decided that I wanted to do follow-up training to be able to lift my level of thinking. The minor at the WUR was much to my liking and the Master’s program ‘Landscape Architecture and Planning’ matched my ambitions to grow in the process of designing as well as in conducting academic research and substantiation perfectly. Therefore the choice was quickly made.

Experiences at Wageningen University

At the moment I am starting my Master’s thesis, I have passed all of the courses and I can say, with confidence, that have not had a moment of regret with regards to my choice to continue my studies!The courses are very interesting, divergent and challenging. The method of teaching is very inspiring and the diversity in international students is very fun and educational. I find the variation between on the one hand theoretical courses like ‘Landscape Architecture Theory and Aesthetics’ and on the other hand design courses like ‘Master Atelier Landscape Architecture Planning’ very pleasant. In the latter course we worked together in a group after an inspiring field trip abroad. After the group phase we got the opportunity to work creatively on our own. Also, during the Masterclass by Adriaan Geuze, in which everyone made an individual plan for a light rail connection to Wageningen that showed coherence on a greater scale and asked to be as complex and precise as in reality, the boarder between the Master’s program and the field faded.

On To the Next Challenge

For the coming year I have chosen for a major and a minor Master’s thesis instead of for a thesis and an internship because I have already done up practical experience during my Bachelor’s. However, to be able to enhance this practical experience during my thesis’, I have sought out connections with companies, institutions and organisations. These will be about: on the one hand the University Campus in the 21st Century and on the other hand phenomenological exploration of the differences between ‘traditional’ and ‘wild’ nature reserves in the Netherlands. After the WUR I would like to obtain my architect title and look for a job as an Landscape Architect.

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