Student testimonial

Zhimei - MSc Nutrition & Health - Corporate HR at Zeelandia - April 2022

Zhimei Li studied Nutrition & Health, specializing in molecular nutrition, but is now working in a corporate HR team. Read all about her story!

The world is so big, there is definitely a space for you to land and grow your dream.

What do you do now?

After graduation, I wanted to explore and challenge myself. I chose to join Zeelandia’s 3-year Trainee Program to develop myself in different aspects of the baking industry. I studied Nutrition & Health, specializing in molecular nutrition. But guess what! I am now working in the corporate HR team!

What do you like about it, or not?

I really enjoyed this unique experience. Zeelandia is a family company that carries a very open and welcoming culture. I got the opportunity to be encouraged to explore, be creative, and open my ideas to work and learn to think from a different perspective. These experiences inspire me and activate my inner passion.

How did you got the job?

I joined the online activity from Wageningen University Career Service for “How to Find a Job”. I had a target for finding a trainee program and found the website: “Traineeship plaza” during the presentation. After finishing the event I immediately start researching the website then found the company Zeelandia.

How did Student Career Services help you?

Student Career Services has been arranging an amazing platform to guide the students to their career path. Astrid inspired me in the conversation to discover myself, what’s in me? What unique strength do I carry? This helped me so much in writing my resume and motivation letter. Student Career Services provides training sessions on CV and motivation letter writing, as well as how to market yourself on LinkedIn. Besides, there is a big database of career services that help you to find open vacancies. Student Career Services helped me so much in preparing for my first and second interviews with very useful tips. After I got my job offer they also helped me review my working contract.

Do you have tips for students?

  • Stay positive, and keep exploring.
  • The world is so big, there is definitely a space for you to land and grow your dream. Only thing is, it takes time.
  • Be proactive and stay close in touch with all resources (e.g. Student Career Services, networks, LinkedIn) around you! Start early, stay positive, and remember to open your mind to try out different things.
  • What makes you unique in your job is not what you studied, it is what talent you are born with that no one can replace.