Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge

Biodiversity is everywhere, including on Wageningen University & Research's campus. That is why every spring, we set out to count the number of wild species of animals, plants and insects together. In 2023, we found more than 1300 of them! Besides this 'Bioblitz', there are also excursions, lectures, exhibitions on biodiversity for WUR and Campus students and staff as well as for the municipality of Wageningen.

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What is the Biodiversity Challenge?

The Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge is an event for anyone who enjoys discovering and studying nature in their own environment. It consists of a 'Bioblitz' - a competition of sorts to find as many different wild species as possible in a short time within a defined area - and an activity programme with indoor and outdoor excursions, workshops, exhibitions and concerts around nature and biodiversity. In 2022 and 2023, we concluded this programme with an open day for the public, where hundreds of people could get to know the beautiful and special nature on Wageningen Campus.

Results of the 2023 Bioblitz at all WUR locations
Results of the 2023 Bioblitz at all WUR locations

When will the next Challenge take place?

There will be another Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge in 2024:

  • from 2 May to 28 June on Wageningen Campus, together with the European ICA network
  • from 22 May to 22 June in the city of Wageningen, together with the municipality of Wageningen.

I want to organise my own activity, who do I contact?

Do you have a nice idea for an excursion, exhibition or other activity about biodiversity for 2024? Then send an e-mail to biodiversitychallenge@wur.nl.

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