Education and courses about climate change

Wageningen University & Research offers various forms of education on climate change. Here you can find an overview of our bachelor's, master's, online courses and courses for professionals.

Our courses and study programmes cover various topics related to climate change. For example climatology, climate policy and the effects of global warming on the environment.

5 tips: What can you do for a better climate?

1. Change the background of your phone

Did you know that a black background costs less energy than a white one? You probably won't notice the difference yourself, but it still a bit better for the climate. And every bit helps!

2. Do not waste any food

Are you planning on buying something nice from the canteen or supermarket? Then don't take extra food with you, unless you are sure you will eat it. It's a shame if you have to throw it away. Every year people throw out lots of good food, which is not necessary at all.

3. Recycle your clothes

Is your wardrobe screaming for new clothes? You can also trade that pants you haven't worn for months. Ask a friend if they want to swop or sell it online or bring it to the thrift store. Maybe you will find something new there as well.

4. Use less plastic

Are you bringing your own lunch? Then use a lunchbox instead of a plastic bag. Washing your lunchbox is better for the environment.

5. Want to do more about climate change?

Why not study at Wageningen University & Research and help change the world! The campus has a green and sustainable campus that uses green wind energy. But also we investigate and teach how to find solutions for the changing world. At the top of this page, you can find a list of programmes.