UN Food Systems Summit

The United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) is set to take place in September 2021. The summit is part of the “Decade of Action”, and is expected to prompt ambitious, bold and innovative actions and solutions to transform our food system and, thus, advance all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Making our food system healthier, more sustainable and fairer is the central goal.

Stakeholders converge

The UNFSS is an important and impactful event for all the stakeholders within the domains of agriculture, food and nutrition. Scientists, policymakers, and the business sector will attend, as well as farmers, indigenous peoples, youth organisations, consumers, environmental activists and others. We will have to collaborate in order to transform the way we produce and consume food.


The UNFSS is expected to substantially impact the international and national agriculture, climate change, biodiversity, trade, and health agendas, among others. Thus, the UNFSS will also affect Wageningen University & Research’s (WUR) work at a national, European and global level.


The great transitions that are required to make our food system more sustainable, healthier, safer and affordable demand coordinated action. It is essential that government decisions are firmly rooted in undisputed scientific information. Prof. Dr ir Louise O. Fresco will co-chair the UNFSS Scientific Group.


The commitment of well-educated and skilled people is essential to these transitions. The new generation, our youth, in particular, will have to lead these transformations. Therefore, WUR will focus on fortifying the voice of the younger generation prior to, during, and after the event.


Collaboration is essential to making the transition of our food system a reality. To this end, WUR organised the pre-event “Bold actions for food as a force for good”  in November 2020 in collaboration with 13 other organisations.  

In January, we organised three events on Resilient Food System in Africa with our partners: Climate-resilient food systems for Africa: From evidence to action - WUR.

In April, we organised the Independent Food System Dialogues on innovation for climate: The independent Food Systems Summit Dialogues (FSSD): On agricultural innovation and food systems for a climate-smart future-WUR.

Infographic about the Food Systems Approach
Infographic about the Food Systems Approach

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