New vacancy for a student assistant

Published on
June 4, 2021

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests, the Wageningen Cluster for Sustainability Governance (WCSG) has initiated multiple initiatives to explore and address discriminatory practices within our own institutional context. To take these initiatives to the next level, the WCSG cluster has a job vacancy for a student-assistant working flexibly for about 8-16 hours a week, from July 1 to November 1.

End date Tue 15 June 2021
  • About the Wageningen Cluster for Sustainability Governance 
    The Wageningen Centre of Sustainability Governance (WCSG) is formed by the Environmental Policy Group (ENP), Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group (FNP), the Law Group (LAW) and the Public Administration and Policy Group (PAP). In the centre, an interdisciplinary group of governance scholars has come together around their commitment to contributing knowledge on the experiences, functioning and implications of discrimination and to taking an intersectional approach in targeting discrimination (i.e. considering the intersections of race, gender, physical and mental abilities, etc). 


  • Collect, synthesize and analyse data on experiences of discrimination and biases as well as experiences of efforts to promote inclusion, respect and well-being. within the four chair groups (both qualitative/quantitative interviews and a curriculum review). The focus is on discrimination in multiple sustainability governance contexts; 1) the implementation of sustainability governance in society, 2) in sustainability governance in teaching and curriculum in WUR, 3) the Cluster’s approaches to researching sustainability governance, and 4) the social  feeling and practices of interaction regarding inclusion in sustainability governance in our groups and cluster

  • Assist in organizing and reporting online and in-person workshops within Wageningen UR to explore biases and counter discrimination within the Cluster

  • Assist in writing an academic article based on the collected data 

    We are looking for 

  • A student with sensibility for the topic and/or experience in the realm of anti-discrimination and inclusive practices

  • Experience with education (e.g. participating as a student in courses) in one or more of the four chair groups is desired

  • A student who is fairly advanced in their studies with demonstrable experience in mixed method research 

  • Someone with the ability to work independently and with good communication, data analysis, writing and organization skills 

    The appointment is part time for a total of about 250 hours over a period of six months, starting as soon as possible but July 1st at latest. The workload is not distributed evenly and a flexible time schedule is a requirement. The cluster offers a salary of €12-15 per hour for the task, depending on experience. Contact persons and supervision by Marieke Meesters and Verina Ingram. 

    Please send in your application including CV before 15 June 2021 to  

    Our team obviously values diversity and we encourage everybody to apply for the function, no matter what background, or physical or mental abilities. When two candidates are equally qualified, we will select the candidate that strengthens our group’s diversity.