National testing location

Over the past years, national testing locations have been developed in Lelystad. At these testing locations, Wageningen UR offers companies, organisations, governments and schools the chance to generate, develop, test and optimise renewable energy sources as sun, wind and biomass.

Besides renewable energy, there is also the opportunity to do testing in the field of decentralized, small-scale bio-refinery.

Entrepreneurs can perform independent tests and research within the overall concept. There are various financial and organisational participation opportunities. The facilitating licensed atmosphere makes it the ideal location for entrepreneurs and organisations working in the field of renewable energy and environmental raw materials.

algen kasopstelling.JPG

On these 1300 hectare testing locations, the following items are available:

  • Largest windmill test park in Europe (30MW)
  • Area with several solar panels
  • Co-digester
  • Digester
  • Algae greenhouse and algae pond
  • Research loop systems