Technical details large laboratory

Technical details large laboratory:

  • Fume cupboards with water, gas and nitrogen
  • A separate exhaust for fume cupboards
  • Connection for compressed air and natural gas
  • Possibility for gas bottles box
  • Connection for cold drinking water and cold processed water
  • Two connections to the sewer
  • Outlet 380V, 16A
  • A free facility for applying data cabling
  • Two telephone terminals, wired with CAT6
  • Drains on all outer walls and a double wall socket per 1.5 m
  • Supplies for pressure regimes
  • Top cooling
  • Humidification
  • Security, fault system for lab equipment
  • Dishwasher for glassware
  • Automatic lighting
  • Overtime arrangement
  • Individual temperature control for each room
  • Automatic blinds
  • Fully automatic fire alarm
  • Extinguishers (emergency shower, eyewash, fire blankets, etc.)
  • Decentralized facilities for distilled water
  • Exhaust system with lamps
  • Standing worktables
  • Side tables with drawers
  • Doors with electronic key
  • Separate coffee corner and copier and printer pantry

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