Technology Offer

Unique separation technology: tasty juice, with less sugar and acid

Experts at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research have developed an innovative separation technology enabling both sugar and acids to be removed simultaneously from juice (fresh and diluted puree) while still preserving the sugar-acid balance, aroma and flavour. Wageningen University & Research is offering interested parties the opportunity to apply this unique technology to their production process.


Juices contain high levels of natural sugars, so their consumption can lead to a high intake of calories and to dental decay. Membrane separation technology is currently used to lower those levels and it does so successfully, but this process also alters the balance of sugars and acids in the juice and removes some valuable flavour and aroma components.

The invention

Experts at Wageningen have developed a unique technology enabling both sugar and acids to be removed from fresh juices and diluted puree-based juices, while still preserving an appropriate sugar-acid balance, as well as the aromas and flavours. The technology works by passing the juice over a membrane that removes sugar and acid. After prefiltration, the liquid passes through a number of cylinders containing resin particles which selectively adsorb sugars and acids, preserving the aroma and flavour components.


The technology can be used by fruit and vegetable juice manufacturers to reduce the sugar, acid and calorie levels of their products.


  • Fruit and vegetable juices with less sugar, acids and kilocalories, while still preserving the flavour
  • Improved healthy image for the product
  • Add-on technology: easy to build into existing production line

Stage of development

Prototype tested in simulated operational environment.