Detection and diagnostics play an important role in monitoring food safety, food security and a healthy living environment. WUR works on the detection of substances such as allergens, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, toxins, receptors, nucleic acids, antibodies, proteins, but also human, animal and plant pathogens. Diagnostic methods are available for measuring these substances in a wide spectrum of matrices, including plant products, animal products, processed food, soil, air and surface water.

Development of diagnostics

Continuous development of new diagnostics is essential to ensure cost-effective and safe production of food crops and production animals. Early and rapid detection of pathogens and harmful substances is essential to keep monitoring costs low and to prevent damage to producers and consumers.

WUR offers knowledge and diagnostic methods for measuring human, animal and plant pathogens, fraud in the production chain and undesirable components in food and the environment. All expertise is accessible via Wageningen Diagnostics. The links above provide access to the various knowledge and market fields. Within each market field we offer DNA-, immuno- and spectroscopy-based diagnostic methods.

All WUR expertise on developing detection methods of substances and organisms in animals, plants, the environment, food and feed is combined in Diagnostics@WUR. Our experts and innovative methods can help you develop the detection methods for your targets.